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[icon] Legend Of Legaia
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Subject:Icons x91
Time:02:59 pm
Current Mood:busy
& dept. heaven (riviera, yggdra union, knights) x18
& k-on! x19
& vocaloid x47
& legend of legaia x05
& baten kaitos x02

( my heart is in chains )
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Subject:attention rp-ers?
Time:10:27 pm
i hope that someone other than me still watches this. i play Vahn at this comm and i'm looking for more legaia rp-ers! i've played with one once so i know they exist!

persona3-esque multi-fandom rpCollapse )

tl;dr: aegean_iterum is a college town by the ocean that seems relatively normal. A basic town along the water with lots to do, a magnet high school, and acollege. Not so much. Every night at midnight, the lights go out andthe world changes. The 25th hour comes. But only those attuned to magiccan see it. If those who cannot are stuck outside, let's hope someonefinds them lest the Shadows get them. At 12:01, after the 25 hour haspassed, everything is normal. Oh and watch out for the full moon. :D

you can play students, teachers, faculty, and people who work in the city. PLAY WITH US!

do excuse us if you see this more than once. we're new and very friendly :D
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Current Music:Rent ~ Glory
Time:11:26 am
Current Mood:hopefulhopeful
So, yeah. I dunno if anyone will see this. Poor dead community. :( But, it's worth a shot.

Anybody here know where I can find decent screenshots or fan art or SOMETHING of Vera the seru? Especially level 2. I have a couple things I want to do that I need reference images for, and for the most part any image of Vera will do, but I need at least one Lv2 reference for the coloring. I don't currently have a camera that could take decent shots off a TV screen and I don't have any other way to try and make screencaps. I've googled with no real luck and I've asked around a bit and nobody seems to be able to find anything. It's making me sad. :( If anyone who still watches this place can help me out I'd appreciate it!
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Current Music:SOS - Rihanna
Subject:*shocks life back into community*
Time:04:26 pm
Current Mood:hungryhungry
Well, seeing the lack of fanstuff (and activity in general) here, I bring a fanfic to the table.

Please note that this isn't actually a Legaia fanfic--rather, it's a major crossover between several of my fandoms, and I just finished the chapters in which the Legend of Legaia characters got to poke their noses in.

If interested, go ahead and take a look.

Kokoro no Hanashi
Main fandom: Final Fantasy: Unlimited
Other things that have appeared there so far: Kingdom Hearts, various Final Fantasies, Lunar, Tales of Symphonia, Gundam SEED, Legend of Legaia, et cetera.
Summary: (AU) A desperate battle against an all-too-powerful enemy. Innocence lost in the process. The five hearts needed to unseal the Final Gate. Secrets that could destroy everything. And above all, Kiri's quest to save the one he loves.
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Subject:shameless RP plug =3
Time:12:07 pm
yes yes, it is very shameless.

i moderate an rp called ergheiz_etic which includes Legend of Legaia and Legaia 2: Duel Saga. I did play Vahn for a while, and if someone else apps for another char, I can bring him back, although having another Vahn would prove quite interesting. (I have been debating on bringing him back for a while now =3) Ergheiz is a multi-game RP which includes fighting games and RPGs. Ergheiz is a prestigious school located on the Moon where characters gather from all worlds. It is an academy, covering all grades from kindergarden up through college. Dead characters are allowed =3. I mod this comm, so feel free to ask me stuff =3.

I have more info here. </shameless plug> =D =D
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Current Music:The Final Battle - FFVI Advance
Time:11:42 am
Current Mood:stressedstressed
Does anybody know where I can find good screencaps of the Juggernaut cutscenes for icon-making purposes??

Now that I'm actually semi-decent at doing icons, I'd like to contribute to the community in what little way I still can (now that I've posted my silly story and lame arts) XD.
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Time:04:15 am
Ok, it's time for a Legend of Legaia Quiz! Haha, this is funny considering they did a few of these quizzes in the game.

Question 1!
Name the level of the one song that does not appear on the Legend of Legaia OST.

Question 2!
Without looking, name all (or most) of the human enemies that Vahn, Noa, and Gala encounter! There are 11! Plus one friendly human battle.

Question 3!
How many different types of normal Seru exist in Legaia? Sim-Seru and Ra-Seru not included.

Question 4!
What is the name of the Seru that posseses a scythe as a weapon?

Question 5!
What color are Jette's fighting clothes?

Question 6!
Name the occupation/status of the following characters: Maya, Luctes, Cara, Val, and Zalan.

Question 7!
What is the name of the boy from Rim Elm who is the same age as Vahn?
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Current Music:Who Knew - Pink
Subject:Hi there!!!
Time:03:20 pm
Current Mood:surprisedsurprised
I don't know why I didn't try to find an LJ com like this one sooner. ^__^

When I saw that you had OST music, I just about died of sheer joy. ^____^

Anyway, I bring fanart, hear me roar. ^_^

Noa with plushies.
(I want those plushies now that I've drawn them...)

Noa and Cort, after the battle.
(After drawing this, I realized that I'd gotten Cort's hair backwards. Oh, well. Sorry, Cort... we love you, really...)

Cort, along with a certain friend...
(This is why I don't color things. XP I want to go back and redo Reiko's shirt. GAH.)

...And I bring fanfiction!!

Your peons can't stop bickering. You're being hit on by a woman almost twice your age. And your Seru partner just cannot seem to manage the stairs. ...Yep, life could definitely be better for a crown prince of Conkram.

If you like, I'll post the other (angstier) ones I've done. ^_^
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Subject:Hello everyone
Time:11:21 am
The name is Ashwolf or if you want to call me ashwolf_alpha that's fine too. I'm a big time Legend of Legaia fan! I loved both games and really don't have a favorite in particular since both of them are so different from one another. Anyway, I'd post more but I'm not sure if I'm wasting my breath. This community seems to be rather dead which is kinda sad since this is one of the few Legaia communities out there. I hope that I can help to pump some life back into it! Legend of Legaia is an extremly underrated game in my opinion and it's a pity that more people never realized how great of a game it is!

Happy hunting, all!

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Current Music:Legaia Duel Saga - Lost Forest
Time:03:09 am
Current Mood:accomplished...yay
Mm...I know ya'll have been waiting forever for this. I sincerely apologize for the delay. Anyways...Like I promised...

Right-Click -> Save

The Legaia OST

Also, to somehow make up for the long delay...Here's a little bonus for everyone =/ I hope this is enough!

Right-Click -> Save

Legaia Duel Saga OST

In case you haven't read anywhere else, Legaia 2: Duel Saga's soundtrack has recieved much higher ratings than Legend of Legaia's. While I don't think the first soundtrack is really all that horrible, I must agree and say that the second is so much better. Both soundtracks have their good and bad points, but eh...Fans will enjoy it either way. Sure does bring back a lot of memories.

Alright now, remember...ABSOLUTELY NO LEECHING. These soundtracks are here for members only. Reasons for this are because of the fact that a friend is paying for the hosting I get (which is where these links are connected to), and if too many people suck away the bandwidth, he has to pay for it. I'm trusting everyone on this, so please don't take advantage of it. Enjoy the soundtracks, and if someone else really does want them, just have them join (so I can at least keep track of who's downloading). Hope ya'll like em as much as I do.
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[icon] Legend Of Legaia
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